HxH Manga Rebind - Master Post

I'm rebinding the Hunter X Hunter manga using fine bookbinding techniques!

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This is a way for me to get back into bookbinding after uni, and a project space for me to explore new techniques and hone my craft without worrying about messing up client/for sale work.

I got the idea to start rebinding hxh after noticing that my modest collection (v1-6) somehow ended up with my brother... and thought it'd be funny to steal them back and rebind them, one-by-one, until they turned into a fine collector's edition of sorts.

HxH is by far my favorite series, so I really like the idea of doing something special to my set. It'll take a while, but I definitely will continue to buy v7 and onwards as I work my way through!

⍔ Check my progress ⍔


v2: in progress!

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